eas|y1 [ `izi ] adjective ***
1. ) not difficult to do, or not needing much work:
Finding somewhere to live in New York isn't easy.
easy to do: This cake is very easy to make.
It's a pretty easy game to learn.
it is easy to do something: It is not always easy to find good teaching materials in this field.
an easy way to do something: The easiest way to get to Hartford is on the train.
make something easy: We all thought computers would make our jobs easier.
quite/fairly/relatively easy: I'll show you how to work the register it's quite easy.
a ) not difficult to know, understand, or believe:
Here's an easy question to start with.
easy to do: His explanations are clear and easy to follow.
it is easy to see: It is easy to see why she likes him.
b ) used about something that is easy to do but may not be the best thing to do:
It's no good just making a few quick easy decisions.
easy answer: There are no easy answers to the problems of our cities.
c ) an easy time is one when you have very few problems or worries:
have an easy day/week/year: Luckily, I'd had an easy day at the office, so I wasn't tired.
have an easy time (of it): Jill hasn't had an easy time of it since her divorce.
2. ) an easy way of behaving shows that you are happy, confident, and not worried about anything:
He'd always admired Doug's easy charm.
a ) be/feel easy (in your mind) to feel confident and not worried:
I won't be easy in my mind until they're safe at home.
3. ) INFORMAL OLD-FASHIONED someone who is easy has a lot of sexual partners
get/be given an easy ride INFORMAL
to experience no problems in a situation that is normally difficult or unpleasant
easy money/pickings
money that you get without working hard. This expression sometimes shows that you think the money is obtained dishonestly.
easy on the eye/ear INFORMAL
nice to look at/listen to:
The book's layout is easy on the eye.
an easy target or easy prey
1. ) an easy target for someone who it is easy to criticize, cheat, or steal from:
Military officers make easy targets for the press.
Tourists are often easy prey for criminals.
2. ) an animal that can be attacked and killed easily
the easy way out
an easy way of doing something or dealing with a problem, but not the right way or the best way
I'm easy SPOKEN
used for saying that you will accept any choice or decision that someone else makes
it is all too easy (for someone) to do something
used for saying that it is very easy to make a mistake or to do something that will cause problems:
For most people it is all too easy to put on weight.
It is all too easy for someone in authority to think that they are better than everyone else.
it is easy (for someone) to do something
used for saying that someone thinks a situation is simple, when it is really very complicated or difficult:
It's easy for people in cities to think that small towns have no crime.
It is easy to forget that many problems remain to be solved.
on easy street INFORMAL
that's easy for you to say SPOKEN
used for telling someone that although something may be easy or simple for them, it is not easy or simple for you
within easy walking/driving distance
close enough to walk/drive to in a short time:
Parking is available within easy walking distance of the museum.
╾ eas|i|ness noun uncount
eas|y2 [ `izi ] adverb ***
breathe/rest easy
to relax and stop feeling worried:
Just three more questions and then you can breathe easy.
I won't rest easy until I get my passport back.
something comes easy (to someone)
used for saying that it is not hard for someone to do something
easier said than done INFORMAL
used for saying that something is a good idea but will be difficult to achieve
easy come, easy go SPOKEN
used for saying that someone has spent money quickly, after getting it easily, and often that they should not worry because they have spent it
easy does it SPOKEN
used for telling someone to do something carefully or gently, especially when they are moving something large
go easy on someone MAINLY SPOKEN
to not be very angry or severe when you are dealing with someone
go easy on/with something MAINLY SPOKEN
used for telling someone not to use, eat, or drink too much of something:
Didn't the doctor tell you to go easy on the salt?
take it easy
1. ) INFORMAL to rest and not do things that will make you tired
2. ) SPOKEN used for telling someone to be calm when they are upset or annoyed
3. ) SPOKEN used for saying goodbye to someone

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.


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